First of all, THANK YOU for everything you, Wendy and your team did for us.  Without Express Property Solutions we couldn’t have bought our dream home, so to you guys we will be forever grateful!
We were very impressed with how you did everything, renovating the house and getting under contract in a month!  We could not have done that on our own.  We are glad to have created this partnership with you and your company.  The overall amount is beyond what we expected so thank you again!
Manny and Rachel Magno

“…higher standard…”

“I purchased 4 Milwaukee homes with Blake in 2015. All of them were major rehabs. When scrutinizing the rehab process of a provider my main concern is if the rehab is being done in a manner that will make the home desirable to a home owner when my time renting the property is over. This is a higher standard than simply making it rent-able and I am confident that my homes are desirable to a retail buyer. Once the rehab was complete the homes were quickly rented and performed as projected. I am making money with Blake.

Jim Harmon

“…honest, helpful, and good for his word…”

Blake has helped me with investing in real estate for the past 3+ years. I have found him to be honest, helpful, and good for his word, directing me toward good investments and also getting me out of some tight spots. Blake is the kind of guy you want on your side in the challenging world of real estate investment.

Donna Scott